Sun Terrace Pre-School

Year Started: 1982

License Status: Licensed

License Number: 073402252

Sun Terrace Pre-School subscribes to the philosophy that children learn through

a variety of experiences. We believe that a child needs and deserves to explore,

grow,develop, question – and at certain times, even test social rules where the
environment is safe and the consequences minimal. The focal experience that Sun
Terrace Pre-School’s programs emphasize is play both indoor and outdoor;
through a variety of hands-on, engaging activities, children develop social
skills, language, cognitive abilities and gross/fine motor skills.

Sun Terrace Pre-School values the daily experiences and interactions between our

staff and the children and families we provide care for. We believe that play is child’s

work and that learning opportunities are frequent when children are encouraged to
explore and create. Sun Terrace Pre-School’s staff works together to create
curriculum that exposes children to early learning content standards while
adhering to our play-based philosophy and incorporating children’s interests.

The purpose of Sun Terrace Pre-School is to provide a stimulating and safe learning

environment for children. All staff members satisfy the California State requirement for
                                teaching in this facility and are required to familiarize themselves with new theories and practices in early childhood development. Staff members will provide, during the daytime hours and in the
absence of the parent, a positive adult model to pattern after. Sun Terrace
Pre-School is open to children of all backgrounds and we value each child and
their family as individuals. We strive to maintain consistency between home and
school and believe that by working with families we can provide the best
possible care for their children.

Sun Terrace Pre-School is predicated on striving to meet the needs of the child, family,

and the community through its specialized programs. Our goal at Sun Terrace Pre-School
is to prepare children for future experiences in school and to contribute to
the wholesome growth and development of the future citizens of our community.